Laboratory labeling

For laboratories, ebsoft supplies a label system with which all required hazardous substance and dangerous goods labels can be easily generated and printed out immediately with each printer (according to the previous Directive 67/548 / EEC and the GHS-Regulation No. 1272/2008 (EC )).

For this purpose, we also supply suitable labels, tailored to the requirements of the chemical industry.

The repeat print makes it possible to print on all the labels of a sheet. You can print each label per sheet with another article, both GHS and EU. Due to the edge, the labels can be printed on the sheet borderlessly and easily reprinted at a reprint, even if already printed labels have already been removed.

The system automatically generates the labels with the prescribed symbols, in the prescribed sizes on the selected permissible formats. The following formats are delivered: DIN A5, DIN A6, DIN A7, DIN A8 and DIN A9. Individual special formats can be delivered at any time.

The program will be made available for testing purposes on the Internet, request a test access.