We supply labeling solutions for the chemical industry, preconfigured, ready to use for

hazardous goods, dangerous goods, product and barcode labels,

certified to British Standard BS 5609:1986 (Section 3).

The following components are achieved with the coordinated components involved in the printing process:

  • Easy printing of labels of various formats with the following properties:
  • High resistance to mechanical and chemical influences as well as UV radiation
  • Seawater resistant to British Standard BS5609 Section 3
  • Permanently strong adhesive even on problematic surfaces such as plastic drums, big bags, drums, etc.

This requires that the affixed, printed label can be stored in seawater for 3 months without the risk of it becoming detached from the pasted surface and being still legible. This is a prerequisite for labeling by sea container transported containers.

ebsoft Labeling System: Is an out-of-the-box, pre-configured web-based label-print design system for designing and printing hazardous goods labels, GHS/CLP, shipping/logistics and dangerous goods labels. Some examples show the implementation of the GHS/CLP regulations with optimal use of space. Standard layouts for the required container sizes with the corresponding data in over 30 languages ​​are provided. Interfaces to ERP systems are available. Cost reductions and increased labeling security can be achieved through the use of combined labels with product-hazardous-substance and shipping information integrated in a label.

ebsoft Labelprint over the Internet: Suppliers, fillers, service providers, freight forwarders and external warehouses who do not have access to the factory network can access and print the required labels via the Internet and create them in accordance with the required corporate design. This is shown by a customer application.

The Downloads section contains additional documents and details about our systems as well as examples and reports about some customer applications. Click here for it.

Our cooperation partners:

Atos: A preconfigured SAP Label Print Cockpit for SAP users. The SAP Label Print Cockpit, with an integrated ebsoft Print + Layout module, is offered as a standard system, ready for immediate use, at a fixed price. This means that all required labels with product, hazardous substance (GHS/CLP/EU), dangerous goods and logistics information can be immediately created and printed.

Lexmark: Lexmark's fast A4 and A3 color laser printers can easily handle heavy label paper made of PE and paper at a very affordable price per page. This saves considerable savings in terms of pre-press costs, storage costs and handling costs because only unprinted labels are used.

Stäudle Druck: Produces labels for use in the chemical industry, with extremely strong adhesive, which adheres well to containers with problematic surfaces, with surface protection against contamination, mechanical, chemical influences and UV radiation. In addition, the surface protection additionally guarantees extreme toner adhesion.