About us

You have identification problems - ebsoft is the solution!

The EB-Soft GmbH was founded in 1984 by Michael Ehring and Helmut Sigler in Heilbronn.

That same year, the ebsoft label software was developed. Already this first printing system to create labels and forms under DOS was out of the modules Layout Editor, Text Editor and database. The generation of custom program sequences was carried out by its own formula language.

In the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and printing the ebsoft software for the production of product, packaging and bar code labels were used. In addition, the VDA standard in the automotive industry in the ebsoft program was involved. This allowed all the necessary bar code labels (other trailers) created by logistics procedures for optimization. The program also had the goods label ODETTE, AIAG and GALIA be created.

On behalf of an international chemical company was in 1987 and 1988 to adjust the standard DOS system to the needs of the chemical industry. In addition, the former stand-alone system for client-server solutions was developed. Own interfaces allowed now, to take on online job data from the host.

In collaboration with a major American label manufacturer 1988-1989 ebsoft designed layout and Printing 2.0. The bilingual (English and German) system has more than 1,000 copies.

From 1989, ebsoft worked on the development of a layout, printing and database system with graphical user interface under Windows. The first version was delivered 1990th. Since then ebsoft Layout & Print 3.0 constantly evolving and specific customer requirements have been adjusted. The version ebsoft Layout & Print 4.0 was published in 1998 and offered include an interface to Java and ActiveX scripting.

From version 6.0 ebsoft Layout & Print, the system including GHS / CLP marking and can be used as a Web service on the Internet and Intranet.